Super Sunday Club

Children aged 7 to 11 meet during the 10.00am Sunday Parish Communion as the Super Sunday Club. The children meet in church before the service begins and go to the Community Centre when it has started. They return to church in time to receive a blessing during the communion.

Some of the children in the group have been admitted to receive communion before they are confirmed. Super Sunday Club supports these children and encourages them to join the group that will prepare them for communion before confirmation.

The teaching in Super Sunday Club aims to explore Bible stories, share and discuss some basic Christian beliefs and to tell the children about the major Christian festivals. Scripture Union materials are used to give the children some practical and creative activities as well as to give opportunities for disussion and prayer. The sessions are based on the same themes that are developed with the adults in church and the younger children in Sunday School.

At Christmas Super Sunday Club joins with Sunday School and the church Drama Group to perform a Nativity play. This is greatly enjoyed by the children’s parents and other adults in the congregation.