Sunday School 

Sunday School, for children aged 3 to 7, meets during the 10.00am Sunday Parish Communion. Children join the leaders in church before the start of the service and then move to the Community Centre or vestry when it begins. Children and leaders come back into church to receive a blessing and then rejoin their families. The group does not meet when the 10.00am Sunday service is New Horizons. On these occasions children stay in church with their parents or other family.

Learning in Sunday School is fun and active. It follows the theme for the day that is the focus for adult worship in church. Teaching is based on materials published by Scripture Union which introduce the children to Jesus and his life. They also introduce the children to key stories and people from the Old and New Testaments. When the children return, they are keen to tell the congregation about what they have done and to show what they have made.

The adult leaders are helped by older teenagers from the congregation. This gives the young people an opportunity to learn new skills and to take a lead in some of the more lively activities.