Contact Worldwide

St Leonard's Contact Worldwide supports the Church overseas by:

  • raising awareness
  • making contact
  • sharing resources

For a summary of giving to past appeals, click here.

Wies Landheer is a doctor supported by St Leonard's while she works in a hospital in Rwanda for the Church Mission Society. For Wies Landheer's diary here.

There were two highlights in 2012:

  • The caring and sharing appeal in Lent raised a total (with gift aid) of £2,106.00 for Christian Aid 'All change for malaria in Sierra Leone'.
  • At Harvest a total (with gift aid) of £1,470.00 was sent to World Vision to provide boreholes and pumps in Sudan at £654 each.

In addition the PCC made its annual donations from regular giving to the church to:

  • Church Mission Society (CMS) £2,857.00
  • USPG (Anglicans in World Mission) now Us £2,357.00
  • Canon Kathryn Herrod to help finance her visit to Burundi £250.00

Muriel Davies handed over responsibility for preparing stamps to send to the Leprosy Mission to Joyce Cotterill and in October delivered a large quantity. (see picture).

In Lent 2013 the appeal was for the Mothers' Union Wheels Appeal to support community development workers in Africa.

For Harvest 2013 the appeal was for the USPG Philippines project.

Lent 2014

We know that it is going to be smiles all round at the Siriba Vocational Training Centre in Uganda when they hear the result of the St Leonard's Lent appeal. Thanks to your wonderful generosity, a grand total of £2,122.32 (including £320.40 gift aid) has been raised by St Leonard's to sponsor needy young people in Siriba. We will hear from Hands Around the World (who will administer the gift) about exactly how the money will be used, but it is likely that through our giving, between 85 and 100 young people will be able to undertake a short course in woodwork, mechanics or tailoring at the Centre. This will give them a chance to find employment and get a good start in life, despite the great difficulties many of them have faced in the past. A huge and heartfelt "Weebale Nyo" to everyone who took part in this appeal.