In November 2010 St. Leonard's received their second Eco-Congregation Award following the original award in 2006. The award is given to churches who have:

  • Worked through the churches’ environmental check-up
  • Helped the whole congregation to make the link between their Christian faith and environmental concerns (growing in faith and understanding)
  • Taken practical action in the church and grounds (putting God's house in green order)
  • Had a positive impact on and worked with their local or wider community (changing lives: changing communities).

We were particularly commended for our theological and practical teaching and for the design of the community centre and joint use of the building.

In November 2010 we held an open morning when representatives from other parishes in the diocese visited St Leonard's to see how we had achieved our  Eco-Congregation award.

At present we have an Eco-Team of around a dozen people, covering such areas as recycling, wildlife in the church yard, lifestyle issues, global and community outreach, worship, youth groups and church management. New members and new ideas and information are most welcome.

Sarah Robins is the Eco-Team co-ordinator: she can be contacted through
Eco-congregation news including a Stop Climate Chaos Prayer of Commitment is available at - link on the left.