Flower Arrangers

The flower arranging team of four members aims to provide floral arrangements in church throughout the year, except during Lent and Advent. This normally consists of a pedestal in the chancel, done with fresh flowers each Friday for the following Sunday services.

The congregation appreciates the flowers and give generous donations for the festivals of Christmas, Easter and Harvest when the whole team decorate the entire church with flowers suitable for the season.

Wedding flowers can also be undertaken, in consultation with brides; one pedestal in the chancel costs £75. A donation of £30 is suggested for those who do not request specific flowers but who benefit from the displays.

Donations are also received for arrangements to be provided for memorials and occasionally funerals - the latter are more normally undertaken by a florist.

Each year a rota is drawn up and displayed at the back of church. Members sign up for when they are free. There is also a maintenance rota; one member per three months water, tidy and prepare for the weekly arrangers.