The organ in St. Leonard's church is a 'Father' Henry Willis, built and installed new in 1881 at a cost of £270, as noted in the ledgers of Henry Willis, and stood at the back of the nave. Five years later it was moved to the front of the north aisle in a major refurbishment and reorganisation of the church interior. The organ was overhauled in 1906, and remained in the north aisle until 1969 when the church was again re-ordered and the organ overhauled by Henry Willis & Sons. The organ was again placed in the nave, cantilevered above the west door. A two-manual detached console was placed in the south aisle linked to the original sound-boards by electric action.

In the refurbishment of 1969, the pipes of the Swell reed, labelled "Hautboy" meaning "Oboe", were opened up to make the sound louder and broader, to the degree of sounding similar to a small Cornopean rather than the traditional Oboe. In reality it delivered neither. There was some slight redistribution of ranks and additional octave couplers were added to extend the use of the instrument.

Specification (as at 2012)

Swell Great Pedal Console & Controls
Open Diapason 8 Open Diapason 8 Bourdon 16 Key compass:
Gemshorn 4 Claribel Flute 8
Manuals 56 notes
Hautboy 8 Dulciana 8 Swell to Pedal
Pedals 30 notes
Principal 4 Great to Pedal 4 Thumb Pistons to Great
Octave Fifteenth 2 4 Thumb Pistons to Swell
Unison Off 3 Toe Pistons to Great
Sub Octave Swell to Great 3 Toe Pistons to Swell
Reversible Thumb Pistons:
Swell to Great
Swell to Pedal
Great to Pedal
Swell Pedal

In recent years it had become clear that urgent attention was needed as the instrument was becoming increasingly unreliable. In full working order it was excellent for accompanying congregational singing, but provided inadequate resources for the quiet accompaniment of choral music in a church with a lively choral tradition and the accompaniment of reflective services. In late 2011, after discussions with Paul Hale, Diocesan organ adviser, Henry Groves of Nottingham (Jonathan Wallace) was appointed to rebuild the organ and enhance the instrument to address the inadequacies.

The full proposals for the refurbishment will be added here.

Work commenced in April 2012

All the original pipes have been retained and reused, a new Trumpet stop added and other additional string and flute pipe-work tested and selected in consultation with Paul Hale.

There is now direct electric action throughout and all switching is solid state to provide greater reliability and flexibility. The swell division now contains quiet string and flute tones and a new trumpet rank, allowing the Hautboy to be re-voiced as a quiet reed once more.


The Choir Organ and Console in the south aisle

The former Great Dulciana has been moved to a separate and moveable Choir division also containing a Stopped Diapason rank (both with extensions), standing by the refurbished three-manual console (formerly in St. Peter's Church, Nottingham), on a moveable platform in the south aisle.


A close-up view of the Console

The Choir organ can be used for choir accompaniment, at reflective services and as a continuo instrument.

(The opening side panels can be adjusted to vary the volume of sound from the Choir organ.)


The case and platform at the west end of the nave have also been enhanced to match the earlier design of the casework.



Swell Great Choir Pedal
1 Open Diapason 8 1 Open Diapason 8 Dulciana 8 1 Violone (Haskell) 16
2 Lieblich Gedackt 8 2 Claribel Flute 8 2 Stopped Diapason 8 2 Bourdon 16
3 Salicional 8 3 Viola 8 3 Dulcet 4 3 Principal 8
4 Vox Angelica 8 4 Principal 4 4 Stopped Flute 4 4 Bass Flute 8
5 Gemshorn 4 5 Harmonic Flute 4 5 Nazard 2 2/3 5 Fifteenth 4
6 Lieblich Flote 4 6 Fifteenth 2 6 Dulcet Fifteenth 2 6 Swell Fagotto 16
7 Fifteenth 2 7 Swell Trumpet 8 7 Piccolo 2 7 Swell Trumpet 8
8 Fagotto 16 8 Swell Hautboy 8
9 Trumpet 8 Swell to Choir Swell to Pedal
10 Hautboy 8 Tremulant Great to Pedal
Swell to Great Choir to Pedal
Tremulant Choir to Great Great & Pedal Combs.
Unison Off
Sub Octave

Console and Controls
5 Thumb Pistons to Great Key compass: Manual 61 notes
5 Thumb Pistons to Swell
pedals 32 notes
5 Thumb Pistons to Choir Reversible Thumb Piston Swell to Great
5 Toe Pistons to Pedal Reversible Thumb Piston Swell to Pedal
6 General Thumb Pistons Reversible Thumb Piston Choir to Pedal
Great & Pedal Combinations Coupler General Cancel Piston
Swell Pedal Setter
General Crescendo Pedal 200 levels of memory for pistons
Playback module