Bell Ringing

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There are at present six bells bells which can be divided neatly into two historical groups. The back three bells are descendants of the early documented three bells. The oldest of these is the present fifth, which was cast in 1606 at a foundry in Nottingham run by Henry Oldfield.

In 1953 the bells were rehung on modern ballbearings and in 2010 were completely overhauled and rehung on new frames, leaving room to augment to eight. We would like to augment our bells to eight, Such a move would represent the most significant change to the ring of bells at Wollaton since the augmentation by Lord Middleton in 1737.

Peals are often rung to mark special occasions or events and at Wollaton the ringers have rung peals to mark national occasions such as the 100th birthday of the Her Majesty the Queen Mother, the funeral of Diana Princess of Wales, the occasion of the Millennium, the Silver Jubilee and more parochially the induction and installation and retirement of clergy at St Leonards.

Most people at St Leonards hear the bells ringing before a Sunday service or during our Thursday evening practise. However, we are always on the look-out for practical people who enjoy a mentally challenging activity. So why not pay us a visit on a Thursday evening to see what it's all about or ask a member of the clergy for contact details? You never know you might just find an activity that will challenge you for many future years.