Generosity and Giving

If you would like to support the Ministry and Mission of St Leonard's Church, we are very grateful for donations.

It was recently recognised by the PCC that St Leonard’s finances have for some years operated with a significant deficit.  An increase – 20% in our planned giving together with other fundraising initiatives, is needed now to avoid a detrimental impact on the church’s core mission and activities.  The PCC have discussed and prayerfully committed to raising their own giving and now ask all members of St Leonard’s to prayerfully consider whether they can increase their financial support for the church.

Mike Smith (one of our churchwardens) explains a little more about the challenges and encouragements to financial giving in support of St Leonard's mission and ministry in the video below.

Donations can be made by one of the following:

  •  Give A Littleto give directly online (with Gift Aid if you are eligible) click here
  • Standing Order: This is our preferred option as this regular giving helps us plan. There are forms in church or download the form here Gift Aid and Standing Order Form 2024 Please return the top part of the form to Liz Norris, Planned Giving Secretary (direct or in a sealed envelope to Parish Office). Please return the bottom section to your bank.
  • Contactless: there are QR codes placed on the backs on the pews in Church that you can scan with a smartphone.
  • Cheque: made payable to "Wollaton PCC". Please place them in the collection bag or plate near the entrance
  • Cash: can be placed in the collection bag or plate near the entrance

If you are a taxpayer, please do consider Gift Aid. There are Gift Aid envelopes in the pews, the porch and at entrances for cheques / cash.  For standing orders, there is a box to tick. Gift Aid allows us to claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give. It will not cost you any extra.

Thank you for your donation.