Thy Kingdom Come

This year the call to pray together under the banner of "Thy Kingdom Come" during the period which runs from Ascension Day (Thursday May 13th 2021) to Pentecost (Sunday 23rd May 2021) remains vital.

However, we need to observe social distancing and so cannot plan any large public gatherings.

We are inviting everyone to join in prayer across Wollaton. This might be on your own at home, by submitting a prayer request below or by tying a ribbon at one of the sites across Wollaton during this period.

You might like to think of 5 people you could pray for and commit to doing so over the 10 days of "Thy Kingdom Come" (and perhaps beyond!).

You may wish to use the prayer journal or download the "Thy Kingdom Come" app from Google Play or the App Store. 

The Church, its People, is very much alive and active!

Click on link below to request prayer

We have deliberately made this anonymous.

Please contact the office separately if you want to find out what is happening at the Church and join in. 

Prayer request

Events during TKC 2021:

  1. Thursday 13th May: Ascension Day service 730pm in church* - will need to book a space in church 
  2. Thursday 13th May: 24-hour prayer vigil: from 9pm (see below)
  3. Friday 14th May: “Bow Down” event inviting Christians across the UK and Ireland to join together in 15 minutes of virtual prayer together: 9pm
  1. Friday 21st May: TKC Nottingham Online Gathering: 730pm – 845pm

via Zoom or watch the live stream on YouTube:

  1. Saturday 22nd May: Celebratory TKC tea: 2 – 5pm outside St Leonard’s
  2. Sunday 23rd May: Pentecost Sunday services: 10am via Zoom; 4pm in church - will need to book a space with the office. 



During TKC we would also like to encourage you to:

  1. Think about how you might commit to praying

Everyday? For 10 minutes, 30 minutes…whatever is realistic for you…

By saying the Lord’s prayer at midday every day?

By trying a new way of praying, or a new pattern?

  1. Light up the world

Pledge to pray during TKC by signing up to “light up the world”:

  1. Consider being part of 24/7 prayer

Join in with our Wollaton 24 hours of prayer starting at 9pm on Thursday 13th May through to 9pm on Friday 14th May. We are looking for people to sign up and commit to praying for one hour during this period (or share the hour with a friend!). Please contact the Parish office for further details and to sign up: 0115 837 2420 or

  1. Think of five people

…you could pray for specifically to come to know Jesus



Prayer ideas and resources

  1. Make a prayer space to help you focus when you pray. Think about having a Bible, a cross, paper and pens, natural objects, a newspaper, craft materials, a map, candles, set prayers, music…
  2. Use the TKC Prayer Journal (available from the Parish Office)
  3. Make a prayer bracelet from string, ribbon, wool…tie five knots in it and use it to remind you to pray for your five chosen people everyday
  4. Post your prayer requests (link required)
  5. Take a prayer walk (real or virtual!)

Take a prayer walk around your local area. Or use an A-Z or “Google earth” to virtually “walk” the parish. Pray for those parts of the parish you don’t know so well (see map for suggestion of nine different areas). Imagine the people who live on each street, who use the shops, empty the bins, work in the Health Centres, visit Wollaton Park…let’s bring every person and every corner of the parish before God in prayer!

  1. Download the app and explore the Family Prayer Adventure Map

  1. Download the Thy Kingdom Come app
  2. Phone the Daily Hope line for hymns, reflections and daily prayer

Freephone: 0800 804 8044

  1. Check out the Cheeky Pandas resources (ages 7-11)

and their very own YouTube channel:

  1. Visit for suggestions on how to pray the Lord’s prayer daily, discovering your prayer personality, praying during the coronavirus pandemic, the Lectio 365 app and lots more!
  2. Visit for more prayer resources including reflections for young people: